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Painted Motifs

Stuffed Animals

Neck Pillows

Puppet Theatre Rated R

Radio Feature: Puppet theater Rated R


Mistelbach Art Society: Catalog 2005-2009

Open House at the Ostarrichi Kulturhof

Drawn Motifs

Commemorative Album for a late Friend

Invitations, Posters, Flyers

Calendar 2010

NO means NO

Leporello Family Tree

Nude Photographs

Various Photo Motifs

Nude Drawings

Color Fields

Nude Paintings

Friendly Family Function

Open House at the Potter’s Workshop

Wine and Art 2007

Wine and Art 2006

NÖN: The Body as Object

Kurier: Relentlessly Outspoken and Powerful: Pictures Fresh from the Harvest

Mistelbach Art Society

NÖN: A Beautiful Voice of Jazz

Paintings and Jazz at the Mill

Wine and Art 2005

Wine and Art 2004


Ciborium Cover

Wine and Art 2003

Cover for a Picture Book


Richard III


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