Baking Bread

This video was the image track of a flash talk on any topic of choice, Bernhard had to hold on a company meetup in 2015. Visually, the video parodies the popular series Breaking Bad. Team Idea, camera, production design, editing: Kati Pregartner Idea, actor, editing: Bernhard Reiter Video

NO means NO

In September 2009, we made this info commercial for the Attac campaign against the Treaty of Lisbon. Crew Idea, script, editing: Bernhard Reiter Production, graphic design, camera, editing: Kati Pregartner Actors: Bernhard Reiter, Gernot Sattlegger Cunsulting, equipment, music: Hubert Sielecki Video   Flyer

NÖN: The Body as Object

Exhibition / Kati Pregartner's and Friedrich Gradisnik's works are entirely dedicated to the human body:  photorealistic and abstracted. Mistelbach / The human body is at the center of the recent exhibition by the Mistelbach Art Society. And yet: The manners of representation could not be any more different. While young Kati Pregartner presents photorealistic nudes with … Continue reading NÖN: The Body as Object

Kurier: Relentlessly Outspoken and Powerful: Pictures Fresh from the Harvest

Been there There was "No leaning against the pictures" on friday at the Mistelbach Art Society, since Friedrich Gradisnik's brand new pictures had been expedited directly from his easel at Deutsch Wagram to the gallery walls. His latest cycle is indeed as fresh as the wet oil paint - relentlessly outspoken, powerful, and almost drastic … Continue reading Kurier: Relentlessly Outspoken and Powerful: Pictures Fresh from the Harvest

Mistelbach Art Society

Exhibited Artwork Photos Further Information Opening Night Friday, 17 March 2006 7 p.m. On Show 18 March to 23 April 2006 Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays 2 to 6 p.m. Location Cabinet of the Mistelbach Baroque Castle Museumgasse 4 2130 Mistelbach Austria This exhibition was presented by Mistelbach Art Society and Blau-Gelbe Viertel Gallery. Kati Pregartner … Continue reading Mistelbach Art Society

NÖN: A Beautiful Voice of Jazz

Jazz and Painting / A fabulous concert of the band "Together" with congenial singer Simone Kopmajer as well as nudes by Kati Pregartner enthralled visitors at the mill: Gaweinstal / Two extraordinarily talented young women and an excellent Jazz band enthralled their audience last Saturday at Gaweinstal Mill. Simone Kopmajer and the band "Together" celebrated … Continue reading NÖN: A Beautiful Voice of Jazz


Exhibited Artwork Further Information Opening Night Friday, 14 November 2003 7:30 p.m. On Show 17 November 2003 to 12 February 2004 accessible during town hall office hours Location Amstetten Town Hall Rathausstraße 1 3300 Amstetten Austria This event was initiated by the Amstetten Youth Center 'Atoll' as part of the Amstetten Culture Weeks.