Wine and Art 2007

Saturday, 28 April 2007
Sunday, 29 April 2007
starting around 2 p.m.

2211 Pillichsdorf

‘Wine and Art’ is an annual festival by the Pillichsdorf Viticultural Society.


Exhibited Artwork


Photos & Invitation



Lots of dear visitors on both days (Dad and Karin – Mum – Inge with friend – Verena, Mark, and Alexander Luke – Alex, Katharina and Maki – Iris and Christian – Gernot). Unfortunately, no pictures sold. Anyway, the Viticultural Society came up with a great innovation this year: A compulsory fee of 10€/day for all artists. Probably because last year’s „Wine and Art“ festival wasn’t financially all that successful due to bad weather. Discussing this with the person in charge was futile because he insisted the fee were necessary to cover exorbitant press expenditures (???) and my hint that the art in „Wine and Art“ would thus be going down the drain remained unprocessed (obviously not a priority in the matter). Conclusion: Wine and Art 2008 without Kati!