Kurier: Relentlessly Outspoken and Powerful: Pictures Fresh from the Harvest

Been there

There was “No leaning against the pictures” on friday at the Mistelbach Art Society, since Friedrich Gradisnik’s brand new pictures had been expedited directly from his easel at Deutsch Wagram to the gallery walls. His latest cycle is indeed as fresh as the wet oil paint – relentlessly outspoken, powerful, and almost drastic self-portrayals. “I actually painted myself a lot thicker and older than I am” he commented moodily and his spouse and muse Elisabeth Tement agreed. Mayor Christian Resch paid respect to the artist: “This exhibition marks a new climax in the Mistelbach Way”. Non the less pleased was laudator Angelica Bäumer, who sees in his work a revival of declared-dead figural art.  Alongside Gradisnik’s pictures curator Franz Schwelle congenially presented a talented newcomer in the so-called Cabinet:

Kati Pregartner, student of Theater Studies, first got involved with painting rather incidentally. After having received enormous feedback at her first public show, she consistently brought her painted nudes shaped by playful lighting and shadowing as well as extreme perspectives consistently to perfection.

Fellow artists like Günter Esterer, Ferdinand Altmann, Wolfgang Krebs, and Otto Semrad, as well as vice mayor Ernst Waberer and county police commander Florian Ladengruber were likewise overwhelmed by the physical presence captured on canvas. Everybody was enjoying a splendid time until 11 p.m. The show is worth seeing and is on until 23 April at the baroque castle in Mistelbach.

[Text and photos by Eveline Meisel. Captions: Powerful and sensual: Friedrich Gradisnik shows “Emigration’s und after Day Pictures” at Mistelbach Art Society / A star rose: Kati Pregartner. Translation by Kati Pregartner.]

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