NÖN: The Body as Object

Exhibition / Kati Pregartner’s and Friedrich Gradisnik’s works are entirely dedicated to the human body:  photorealistic and abstracted.

Mistelbach / The human body is at the center of the recent exhibition by the Mistelbach Art Society. And yet: The manners of representation could not be any more different. While young Kati Pregartner presents photorealistic nudes with a playful twist on perspective and lighting, Neo-Deutsch Wagramer and Styrian-born Friedrich Gradisnik abstracts and exaggerates his bodies almost to the unreal. And he also satirizes his own evolution: In his self-portrayals he refers to his own aging and – nothing wrong with self-mockery – often depicts himself  older and chubbier than he really is using powerful strokes and all vivid colors.

“This exhibition is purely about painting!” rejoiced Art Society chairman Franz Schwelle. Mayor Christian Resch, who opened the show on March 17 at the castle, saw a trend in art towards the human image represented in the works of the two artists: “We are witnessing a time of change in painting!” says Resch. Pictures by Kati Pregartner and Friedrich Gradisnik can be viewed at the castle until April 23.

[Photos by Pfabigan. Caption: Two different ways of depicting the body as an object: Kati Pregartner and Friedrich Gradisnik showed their work at Mistelbach Castle. Translated by Kati Pregartner.]

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