according to (Austrian) media law, sec. 25:

Media Proprietor

Mag. Kati Pregartner
Schulring 6/3
3364 Neuhofen/Ybbs

+43 650 830 50 68
kati @ pregartner . net


Essential Bias of kati.pregartner.net

kati.pregartner.net combines the functions of a virtual catalog (information, overview, archival documentation), a gallery (marketing, sale), and a studio (participation in the creative process) in the form of an easily accessible online platform. kati.pregartner.net allows interested parties to get acquainted with and follow Kati Pregartner’s artistic work. Furthermore, kati.pregartner.net aims at disseminating and advancing an appreciation of art which is guided by solidarity between producers and consumers: a less biased assessment of art versus craft, easily available and yet high-quality aesthetic standards rather than elitist claims, training of perceptive skills through hands-on contact with textures and materials.