Office Decoration at RIZ Amstetten

For the relaunch of the RIZ up Support Center and Co-working Lounge for Enterpreneurs in Amstetten seven paintings were commissioned, each featuring a quote and Graffiti-style motifs. In addition, I painted room-high pictograms around the washroom doors as well as small indicators on the hallway pillars in order to make the washrooms more accessible throughout the … Continue reading Office Decoration at RIZ Amstetten

Baking Bread

This video was the image track of a flash talk on any topic of choice, Bernhard had to hold on a company meetup in 2015. Visually, the video parodies the popular series Breaking Bad. Team Idea, camera, production design, editing: Kati Pregartner Idea, actor, editing: Bernhard Reiter Video

Initiative Innenhofgrün

Info-Party Freitag, 5. Juli 2013 ab 18 Uhr Mozartstraße 31 4020 Linz   Projektbeschreibung Das gewachsene Ökosystem in unserem parkartigen grünen Innenhof war 2013 durch zwei Großbaustellen im Häuserblock gefährdet. Die schöne alte Birke in unserem eigenen Garten konnten wir traurigerweise nicht retten. Doch wir beschlossen, zumindest für die übrigen Bäume im Hofgeviert einzutreten, … Continue reading Initiative Innenhofgrün

In 2012, I designed a website for the Goldhauben- und Hammerherrengruppe Ostarrichi, a Neuhofen-based club dedicated to the preservation of traditional costumes of the region. We also had a photo shoot on that occasion. Bernhard Reiter was responsible for the technical implementation. In order to advertise the new website we handed out pins with the … Continue reading

NO means NO

In September 2009, we made this info commercial for the Attac campaign against the Treaty of Lisbon. Crew Idea, script, editing: Bernhard Reiter Production, graphic design, camera, editing: Kati Pregartner Actors: Bernhard Reiter, Gernot Sattlegger Cunsulting, equipment, music: Hubert Sielecki Video   Flyer