Leporello Family Tree

Leporello with see-through book cover & gift box


Leporello with hand-lettered name tag


Page Layout




Original Artwork

ca. 6 x 6 cm
Washed ink drawing on water color paper


Project Description

Originally, the Leporello Family Tree was meant to be a wedding present that helps the newly weds to get better acquainted with their in-laws — and maybe even their own family. However, for (prospective) genealogists the Leporello Family Tree is a valuable present at any occasion: Behind the front and the backside cover two family trees unfold in which names, biographical data, photos, and keepsakes are inserted. The charming leporello format allows for a distinct representation of the pedigree by literally displaying the families of a couple as two sides of a common family history. Depending on the availability of informations up to six generations can be traced.

Concept & Design © Kati Pregartner, 2008.


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Intended Use

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Ordering a Family Leporello

If you want to order your personal Leporello Family Tree please call or e-mail me. Cover fabric, graphic elements, and latch can be changed according to your taste. The Leporello Family Tree costs around € 100 — depending on your customization wishes.